For HR Functions

Helping out with the technical detail

For HR Functions

Helping out with the technical detail

Our outsourced technical service allows HR functions to focus on the important matters

Traditionally, Human Resource teams were involved with several key functions: Recruitment, Training, Welfare, Culture, Benefits, Safety and Discipline.

Sadly, the ‘Benefits’ function is becoming increasingly challenging to get right within the Legal and Banking sectors. Year on year, we are seeing increasing  numbers of employee issues pertinent to pension and  associated benefits.

With the introduction of Auto Enrolment, the UK legal directive regarding mandatory employer pension contributions, and the subsequent tapering of annual pensions allowance, some HR functions struggle to get this right.

To complicate matters further, the reducing lifetime allowance for pensions and its association with employee benefit based life assurance, it is not just the highest-earning staff/members that are being affected.

Satisfying legal obligations without compromising financial welfare

By working with the Human Resource team, as well as the individual member, we ensure that businesses are satisfying their legal obligations without compromising the financial welfare of their staff.